Review of California Girl Chronicles by Michelle Gamble-Risley

My impassioned love for literature encompasses a vast diversity of genres, however I have never deemed a work of contemporary romance to be worthy of my rapt attention until I discovered  California Girl Chronicles: Brea and The City of Plastic at the Miami Book Fair International. Not only is this infinitely entertaining escapade worthy of rapt attention, it is also worthy of tremendous praise. Michelle Gamble-Risley has revolutionized romantic literature and taken it to new heights with this compelling character study, which is destined to be a critically-acclaimed, bestselling hit garnering a massive following from readers of all backgrounds.

Michelle Gamble-Risley’s erotic and enticing prose will catalyze an indelible case of insomnia as she takes you on a rollercoaster rondezvous with Brea Harper, whose wild adventures – both romantically and professionally – will strum your heartstrings and cause you to scream with delight, cry with empathy, and laugh until you collapse.

In Book 1 of this captivating series, you will be introduced to our protagonist, whose beauty, brilliance, and scandalous addiction to sex catapults her into a myriad of complex relationships as she simultaneously strives to fulfill her dreams to become a screenwriter. Gamble-Risley proves to be not only masterful at character development but also in conveying the complexities of fervent, intense, and sometimes entirely dysfunctional relationships with clever dialogue and scenes of sex and intimacy that will make you blush.

Brea’s men are diverse yet altogether appealing. There’s the mediocre yet secure Lance, with whom she lives with in order to begin her fledging career as a screenwriter in LA. Then, there is the dreamboat movie producer, Kale, who sweeps her off her feet in ecstasy with nights of endless “lust-making.” Lastly, we have the torturous, seemingly intangible, “band boy” Drew, who proves to catalyze a tremendous amount of drama for the entire cast of characters involved in this frolicsome escapade.

Brea’s female friends include a feisty, beautiful, loyal, lesbian Latina, Maya, who provides support, protection, and advice to our adventurous protagonist. However, Maya proves to be astonished and abhorred over a choice our flawed heroine makes at the climax of California Girl Chronicles, leaving Brea in an existential crisis which shall hopefully be unraveled in Book 2.

Echoing the audacious eroticism of Anais Nin, the comedy of Tom Robbins, and the entertainment factor of Sex In the City, Gamble-Risley has put the Romance Writers of America honor roll to shame with this new novel destined for both a cult following and mainstream appeal.

Beware: you will lose sleep over this novel. Readers have complained ardently that they “simply could not put it down!” My best advice for reading this stunning novel is to strap in securely, open the book, and enjoy the ride!

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