Victoria Andrew is an avid reader, professional writer,  VP of marketing for LJS&S Publishing, and business owner and director of Words Prevail, LLC.

Ms. Andrew holds a BFA in fiction writing from Columbia College Chicago and is a certified professional resume writer with the Professional Association of Resume Writers. She has pursued comprehensive studies in grant writing with The Foundation Center and the American Grant Writers Association. She has also achieved a Certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Chicago’s Graham School of Continuing Studies.

As a voracious reader and book reviewer, Victoria Andrew writes reviews for fiction in her “Confessions of a Book Goddess” blog. For nonfiction, you will find her reviews on her other blog, “Transcendence.” She also covers a diversity of genres for a vast spectrum of readers in her Sunday Book Reviews for West Orlando News.

For LJS&S Publishing, she heads all pre- production initiatives including management of writers, editors, proofreaders, graphic artists, and distribution agents while negotiating with short- and long-run printers. She also steers all post-production agendas, including architecting and executing marketing campaigns for featured titles incorporating national author tours, TV/radio appearances, speaking engagements, and book signings. Currently, she is promoting Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s science fiction debut, The Immune.

For her other company, Words Prevail, LLC, she offers marketing and business writing services to individuals and small businesses with a specialization in resume and grant writing for clients on an international scope. She exercises leadership in growing revenue, building world-class brands, and creating sustainable growth with entrepreneurial expertise.

While working in an independent bookstore as an obsequious and quite ardent book slave, Victoria Andrew obtained the title of THE BOOK GODDESS from her general manager and fellow writer, Tim Schulte. Tim Schulte is now the owner of Variance Publishing, and continues to serve as a source of great inspiration for the book goddess.

For publishers: please email victoriamandrew@gmail for contact information in order to send advance reader copies of novels.


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